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Electronic Archive Solutions Limited - e-ASLIBM Business Partner

Electronic Archive Solutions Limited, (e-ASL), are global specialists assisting customers to capture, archive, retrieve and manage business data.

e-ASL Solution Offerings, our core business solutions are:

Image Capture and Archive eMail Archive
Document Management SAP Archive and Integration
Workflow Solutions Backup & Disaster Recovery
Computer Output to Laser Disk Siebel Integration
Storage Systems & Infrastructure Contact e-ASL


e-ASL introduce SmoothStart, a range of packaged fixed price offerings for Telephone Call Recording, Document Management, Email Archive, Imaging and Scanning. More information here.

Knowledge Capture ® enables the easy capture and index of telephone calls, images, word processor documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, movie clips, (any digital data or file).
Click here for more information.

See a demo of the knowledge capture products
See a demo of how this system indexes and archives desktop documents

Click here to Download a 30 day trial of Knowledge Capture Desktop Loader

Job Vacancies at e-ASL  - Click here for more information
Due to global expansion we are recruiting Sales, Pre-sales, Technical, and Adminstration staff, contact us

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